Bare Vines is a family owned and operated jewelry business. Jewelry has been a hobby of ours for over 20 years and we have recently begun selling at local farmers markets in Northern and Southern California. We specialize in beaded jewelry and wool knitted accessories.

Left to Right: Jackie, Sondra, Robyn, and Lorie

Robyn Leonard

I, Robyn, have always enjoyed making all kinds of jewelry. I began making jewelry over 20 years ago as a way to keep entertained on those rainy days during our summer vacations. I have studied making different kinds of glass beads as well as the art of silver clay. I design and string most of the jewelry.

Ron Leonard

My husband, Ron, has been a great help building the display cases for the jewelry as well as assisting in the set up at the farmers market each week.

Sondra Costello

My talented mother, Sondra, carefully knits the wool hats and gloves from her home in Massachusetts. This across country partnership gives us more than enough reasons to keep in close contact. She has been knitting her whole life and

Lorie and Jackie Leonard

My daughters, Lorie and Jackie, as little girls loved making jewelry with me on our summer vacations. Now that they're all grown up, occationally we can get together for some new ideas.