Concrete Color Swatches

Browse through a variety of colors that makes concrete truely unique when compared with other natural stone, like marble or granite. Choose a bold red to become a beautiful discussion piece or blend in with more natural colors. No two color batches mix exactly alike making each project even more unique.

Concrete Color Swatch Saddle Concrete Color Swatch Sand Concrete Color Swatch Amber Concrete Color Swatch Brick Concrete Color Swatch Chianti Concrete Color Swatch Wine Concrete Color Swatch Amethyst Concrete Color Swatch Charcoal Concrete Color Swatch Indigo Concrete Color Swatch Tahoe Concrete Color Swatch Ocean Concrete Color Swatch Jade Concrete Color Swatch Evergreen Concrete Color Swatch Olive Concrete Color Swatch Stone Concrete Color Swatch Platinum

The swatch above shows two disctinct characteristics of concrete. On the left, the plain concrete surface, how it naturally settles in the mold. On the right, the surface is ground away to expose the aggregate underneath.


Add some detail to your life.

One of the great things about concrete is you can shape it how ever you desire. Dress up your concrete countertops with edges that match your style. Modern, traditional, simple, or elegant, edges can add that something extra that will tie your room together. Choose from a pre-made mold or work with a specialist to design your own.

Bold Dental Edge Broken Flagstone Edge Grape Vine Edge Crevice Rope Edge Elegant Rail Edge Fancy Oak Edge Fancy Rail Edge Federal Egg and Dart Edge Gaugin Leaf Edge Granite Split Face Edge Imperial Rope Edge Liberty Egg and Dart Edge Ogee Edge Quarter Round Edge Scoop Edge Ship Rope Edge Tear Drop Edge Traditional Rail Edge

Customization and Embedded Details

Truly customize your concrete.

This is where your countertops can truly become your own. Add functional customization, like a trivet next to the stove, or a cutting board and soap dish by the sink. These items can be molded directly into your concrete countertops. Aesthetic customization could be a decorative design in the concrete to add a splash of color and flair. Sea glass, vintage medallions, or other items will add a more personal touch. Apply veining to the concrete surface to give the appearance of natural stone. Discuss the endless possibilities of embedding details within your concrete.

Functional Customization

Built In Cutting Board Drainboard Cast in Concrete Kitchen Countertop Built In Trivet

Aesthetic Customization

Shells embedded in bright colored Countertop

*All images are possibilities of what can be created with concrete and are not necessarily representative of the work by this artist. Many images courtesy of Concrete Network.